The strangest hand ever handed out to man
is not cards, but five signs of math.
Two  are normal, behaving well
two show no patterns we can tell
and one, isn't even a number!
Together they form the Immortal Five!  

Mathematics is the music of reason.
So how can anything so weird 
make a musical symphony
creating perfect harmony
with notes of strangest personality?

Mathematics is the music of reason.
How can anything so extreme
make  formula with pure beauty
creating perfect harmony
with numbers of extreme duality?

It is proven mathematically!
Shows the most beautiful harmony! 
But what the formula has to say 
about you and me, and the universe we see? 
It's still a complete mystery!

                                                                                       Poem by Dr. Buer  ©

"The Strange and Beautiful Music of Primes" 
"The innocent prime numbers - those numbers that are only divisible with themselves and one - that these numbers, and only these, have the ability to construct all other whole numbers - but the prime numbers still hide their inner structures, and man has still not found - and mathematically proven - the innermost hidden mathematical contexts - which we suspect to be overwhelmingly beautiful!" 
About, Dr. Riemann Zeros, Zeta Function. Bernhard Riemann (1826 -1866) 
"I hope that...I have communicated a certain impression of the immense beauty of the prime numbers and the endless surprises which they have in store for us." Don Zagier (1951 - ) from «The first 50 million prime numbers», 
The Mathematical Intelligencer  (1977)             
  "The Strange and Beautiful Music of Primes" Oil painting on canvas 47,1"x35,2" by Master Algrim ©​​​​​​​
How can anything so mundane and plain,
like regular patterns of counting
behaving predictable and strict,
be constructed by desperados, 
that in every way conflict 
with the patterns they create?

The desperados' real name are primes,
and the mystery is much stranger.
No one in the history of man
has ever been able to reveal,
the cryptic formula or plan
telling exact the next prime!

If the nature ever shows a pattern,
that is matching all primes on a string.
Then nature must somehow know something
that has escaped any living man
and is still the most sacred thing:
find the formula for primes!

Asking a bricklayer, what can he say?
The number of bricks can be known
the total number of primes can be shown.
He can touch a brick, that he knows is a prime
but the recipe is missing for the next prime in line! 
Even when each number is created by primes
we still don't know their innermost music or rhyme!
                                                                                                                Poem by Dr. Buer  ©
"The Shadows of Counting Enlightens Cosmos"
Oil painting on canvas,31,2"x27,2" 
by Master Algrim

"It is incredible that man can count and find structures in numbers - but most  incomprehensible - is it, that by numbers, the universe can be comprehended"
Adapted, Albert Einstein, (1879 - 1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate
"The Shadows of Counting Enlightens Cosmos"
Oil painting on canvas by Master Algrim
How can any human signs                        
on a small piece of paper                        
have anything to do                             
with the universe we see?
How can any human signs                        
on a small piece of paper                        
tell us anything new                            
of a world we never see?
How can any human signs                        
on a small piece of paper                        
so completely agree                            
with the universe we see?    
                                                                        Poem by Dr. Buer  ©

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